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Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) Certification

Course Overview

Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) is a professional course offered by the Human Resource Management Professional Examinations Board (HRMPEB) for individuals looking to embark within or are already practicing HR professionals.

The course is divided into three (3) segments and each segment has two modules each lasting six months. This is for the entry level HR professional without any HR background as well as those already working in the HR profession but with no relevant qualifications.

The course outline provides the general body of the HR knowledge and skills required to manage tasks within the scope of human resources.

For candidates completing the CHRP Level I, they must undertake a workplace attachment exercise that will be supervised by both the training institution as well as the host organization. At the end of the attachment, the candidate has to submit a workplace attachment report to the training institution.

Once candidates are successful in undertaking the two levels, then they qualify to progress to the higher levels of Human Resource Training.

Level 1

Subject Code                       Subject Title

CHRP 001                  Introduction to Human Resource Management

CHRP 002                  Business Communication

CHRP 003                  Business Law

CHRP 004                  Introduction to Financial Accounting

CHRP 005                  Principles and Practice in Management

Level 2

CHRP 006                  Introduction to Economics

CHRP 007                  Office Administrations & Practice

CHRP 008                  Organizational Theory and Behavior

CHRP 009                  Human Resource Administration

CHRP 010                  Management Information Systems


Level 3

CHRP 011                  Organization Change and Development

CHRP 012                  Employee Resourcing

CHRP 013                  Learning & Development

Level 4

CHRP 014                  Reward Management

CHRP 015                  Employee Relations

CHRP 016                  Labor Laws


Level 5

CHRP 017                  Leadership and Corporate Governance

CHRP 018                  Strategic Human Resource Management

CHRP 019                  Counseling and Coaching

Level 6

CHRP 020                  Entrepreneurship and Human Resources Consultancy

CHRP 021                  Human Resource Accounting

CHRP 022                  Human Resource Research Project


Certifying Body: Human Resource Management Professional Examinations Board (HRMPEB)



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