What Are Advanced Digital Skills?

Tpa-What Are Advanced Digital Skills?

On the other hand, those looking to work in the growing digital sector itself will need to possess more advanced skills pertaining to specific areas of digital business. These include, but are no means limited to, areas covered in the digital skills courses:

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Digital Marketing

The internet has completely changed the marketing game, bringing a level of precision and scale unknown in the pre-digital age. Specialized digital skills are required in order to navigate this new terrain, with expert practitioners often focusing on one specific discipline. These include things like pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, as well as the strategy to bring them together.

Social Media

Social media digital skills are crucial to the digital marketing mix but are worth pulling out as social media has come to play such a significant role in our day-to-day as well as professional lives. Social media management tools, performance measurement, new channel research, brand presence/voice, influencer marketing, and paid vs organic all play a part in connecting with prospective and current users.

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User Experience (UX)

Just as the actual experience of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores plays an essential role in driving sales, the experience of using a website or mobile app is key to leading users to do what the website or app owner wants them to do. Indeed, it is even more central, as users can only use a website in predetermined ways. Thus, we have the area of digital skills known as user experience, or UX. This is the art of making sure that apps, websites, and other digital channels are intuitive and enjoyable to use.

Web Analytics

Part of what makes the digital age distinct from before is precision. We can clearly understand the behavior patterns of those using digital platforms. For businesses, this also means being able to quantifiably track the successes and failures of their digital initiatives. The digital skillset involved in collating and making sense of this data is web analytics. Things like benchmarking, audience segmentation, and measurement all fall under the remit of web analytics.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence may still have something of a science fiction ring to it, even compared with the aforementioned digital skills. Nonetheless, artificial intelligence is playing an increasing role in modern businesses. Rather than the sentient robots of cinematic lore, AI is about teaching machines to do jobs, predict, and make decisions based on the detailed computation of past examples.

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Think of the automation of tasks to improve efficiency, by no means limited only to manual work, with business process automation playing an increasing role in modern workplaces (not even medicine or law are exempt). Machine learning from big data in order to make better strategic decisions or to predict how people will act in a given context is also set to be key.

These represent only a handful of advanced digital skills. Other examples include data visualization, web and app development, CRM software, video production, and search engine marketing (SEM).

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