The 2023 Francis H. Brown African Scholarships

The fund is intended to support research that builds on the work of Dr. Francis H. Brown and build the next generation of geologists and geophysicists in East African institutions and countries. Dr. Francis’s study of the Omo-Turkana basin provided the basis for the timeline of human evolution.

This scholarship is open to students or researchers from:
i. Kenya
ii. Ethiopia
iii. Tanzania
iv. Uganda
v. South Sudan
vi. Djibouti
vii. Rwanda
viii. Burundi
ix. Somalia
x. Eritrea

They should:
(a) be pursuing a graduate degree at an accredited university, preferably from, but not limited to, an institution located in sub-Saharan Africa
(b) have completed their doctoral degrees not longer than ten (10) years prior to the time of application for funding from this source. Applicants must be pursuing research in earth sciences and/or botany related to human origins. Applicants shall demonstrate a commitment to a career in their field of study with an emphasis on research and teaching in his/her country of citizenship following the completion of his/her degree.

Award Amount
The maximum award amount is $30,000 per applicant per year.

Proposals will be accepted for support twice yearly. Proposals must be submitted by January 10 for awards given in May and July 15 for awards given in December.

For more information on the scholarships, amount and eligibility criteria, visit: